Training Programs

Every runner is unique. And all runners deserve a training program that’s unique to them—one that can help them achieve their running goals no matter where they are starting from.
Throw away your generic training plans and get a dynamic, customizable NYRR Training Program that no matter where you are, will help you toe the starting line of your next half or marathon! 
Choose the NYRR Half-Marathon or Marathon Training Program to help you get race-ready for any half or marathon in the world. Or sign up for our TCS New York City Marathon, Airbnb Brooklyn Half, or United Airlines NYC Half Training Programs to gain access to customized programs offering course-specific and race-strategy tips for these races.
Located In New York City? Take your training to the next level by supplementing your online training program with NYRR Group Training, which offers coached workouts for all ability levels.

Unlike Other Programs

Other training programs are neither dynamic nor flexible, and they don’t cater to your schedule. Our program uses proprietary insights from the New York Road Runners marathon-finisher database and unique knowledge of marathon courses to help get you and keep you on track. 

Customizable to You

All of our programs are rooted in an online component called Virtual Trainer that allows you to train wherever you live. Different program tiers give our runners more interactivity and perks based on the level of support and experience they need.
Our training programs are powered by the dynamic, data-driven platform RunTrix. Simply supply some information about yourself (age, gender, current training schedule, recent racing stats, etc.), and you'll receive a tailor-made training regimen customized to your fitness, experience, and lifestyle. The best part? If you need to move your long run and/or rest days during any week, or if your race paces change at any time, Virtual Trainer will automatically adjust your training plan.

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TCS New York City Marathon Training Program
20-, 16-, and 12-week programs

Prepare to run the five boroughs of New York City with the help of our 20-, 16- and 12-week TCS New York City Marathon Training Programs – providing you expert insights and training plans customized just for you. Check back in late spring 2017 for more information on how you can run your best marathon.

Learn More About the TCS New York City Marathon Training Program

Airbnb Brooklyn Half Training Program
10 weeks

Train for the 2017 Airbnb Brooklyn Half with the help of our 10-week Airbnb Brooklyn Half Virtual Trainer program. 

Learn More About the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Training Program

United Airlines NYC Half Training Program
10 weeks

Fly through Times Square with the help of our 10-week United Airlines NYC Half Virtual Trainer program.

Learn More About the United Airlines NYC Half Training Program

NYRR Marathon Training Program
16-week and 12-week packages

Ready for the marathon challenge? We’re here to help you start training like a pro. Start preparing for the big race right here, right now, with the help of our 16- and 12-week NYRR Marathon Training Programs.

Learn More About the NYRR Marathon Training Program

NYRR Half-Marathon Training Program
10 weeks

Running a half-marathon? Don't go it alone—train for your half-marathon with the help of our 10-week NYRR Half-Marathon Training Program.

Learn More About the NYRR Half-Marathon Training Program

Training Terms


A few minutes of easy jogging before a race or workout to elevate the heart rate and loosen the muscles in preparation for a hard effort.  (See also Cool-down.)

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